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Woodinville Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Woodinville area are some of the fantastic grills, restaurants, and diners that are listed below. This spot has waterfront parks on the Sammamish River, as well as fantastic wineries and breweries to check out. We can't get enough of the rolling hills and beautiful nature scenes that surround this area, and we know you'll enjoy them just as much. There's a lot of adventure potential here. Give these spots a chance when you're looking to enjoy a cold drink or a delicious meal in Woodinville.

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At 17848 Garden Way in the Woodinville area, you will find MOEIDA Restaurant. This Asian Fusion restaurant has the freshest ingredients that combine to make amazing meals. The customer service is another reason why you're going to love eating here, as they're always extremely helpful to all who walk through the doors. If you're a vegetarian or looking to feed one, you'll be glad to know that there are tons of options to consider here with their tofu dishes. Be sure to get some of their miso soup to start out with, and check out their dessert options if you've been saving room at dinner.

The Herbfarm

14590 NE 145th St in the Woodinville area is where you'll find The Herbfarm, a high quality dining experience with premium food in a Modern European fashion. This is an exceptional destination for a special occasion such as an anniversary, proposal, or birthday. This spot has a farm in which they locate the ingredients for their food. You can even request a tour of the grounds to see where your food is coming from. The hand crafted nature of the food and the artfully presented dishes ensures that this will continue to be one of the top restaurants on this side of the state. You're going to want to make reservations for this spot.

Gyro Express Mediterranean Grill

Gyro Express Mediterranean Grill at 13804 NE 175th St is a Greek style restaurant with amazing Mediterranean food for you to consider for lunch and dinner. They have delicious Turkish coffee and baklava to finish off your meal with, so be sure to leave room when you're eating their gyros, sandwiches, and salads. This is a family owned atmosphere that puts customer service at the forefront of their business, so you're definitely going to want to give this place a visit the next time you're feeling a bit hungry in Woodinville. They have a clean, contemporary interior that is always playing soft Arabic music, and it's a lovely atmosphere.

Gobble Restaurant

At 13300 NE 175th St in the Woodinville area you will find Gobble Restaurant, and this is an amazing local diner that specializes in providing comfort food to those in the area. This spot predominantly serves up turkey, and they do it well. If you're a fan of Thanksgiving, this is definitely a restaurant for you to consider eating at. Be sure to check out their classic turkey platter if it happens to be your first time eating here, you wont be disappointed. Ask your waitress if they happen to be offering any specials on food or drink here when you come in, as you might be able to get extra savings on food and drink.