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Tukwila Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Tukwila area are the delicious restaurants and entertaining bars that can be found below. We've taken the time to list these in hopes that you'll find it as a convenient directory when you're in the area. You can trust these spots as the top places to eat and drink because the locals love to dine here. This city is known for their diverse residents and the food is much the same. Remember, if you're looking for transportation in Tukwila, just give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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Grazie Ristorante

At 16943 Southcenter Pkwy in the Tukwila area, you will find Grazie Ristorante. If you're seeking fresh, authentic Italian food in the center of the city, look no further than this convenient and delicious option for lunch and dinner. Some of the food you're going to want to consider ordering here includes the chicken fettuccine, linguini marco, pollo parmesan, as well as the seafood piatti. With friendly service and an extensive wine listing that pairs perfectly, this is a restaurant for all to enjoy. Their tiramisu is home made so give it a shot if you've left enough room!

Juba Restaurant & Cafe

14223 Tukwila International Blvd in the Tukwila area is where you'll find Juba Restaurant & Cafe serving up African cuisine. The house recommendations happen to be the goat with basmati rice and number nineteen if this is your first time eating here. We love the large portions and affordable pricing. The atmosphere here is always cool, calm, and collected. They're open late during the weekend which is perfect after a hang out. The owners are very attentive to ensure that you're having an enjoyable eating experience here. You'll have enough food for a lunch or dinner after, so it's really a great value to eat here.

Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar at 1150 Southcenter Mall is a Mexican restaurant and attached bar serving up some of the tangiest margaritas with a heavy pour. Where else can you find a jalapeno margarita in the area? The innovative cuisine and attention to detail when it comes to plating and customer service consistently lands this establishment as one of the best places to consider eating at when you find yourself in Tukwila. The wait staff here goes above and beyond, something that will surely be apparent.

Arashi Ramen

At 17045 Southcenter Pkwy in the Tukwila area you will find Arashi Ramen, a destination for Asian food in the area. If you're a fan of noodles and soup, this is going to be one of your new favorite places to enjoy dinner. The fried chicken appetizer seems to be the most popular, but trust us when we say that you can order anything from the menu here and prepare the be impressed. If you've never had this style of food before, you and your taste buds are definitely in for a pleasant surprise. There are options for everybody to enjoy here.