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Shoreline Bars

The establishments and dining destinations listed below are some of our favorites in Shoreline. If you're looking for a bar, grill, or diner to check out after checking out the area, these are always the best options to consider. This is one of the largest cities in the state, so there's a whole lot to check out including museums, parks, and gardens. After you're done adventuring through all of the places that Shoreline has to offer, be sure to stop in at one of these premium spots and support some local business while you're at it.

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Alive Juice Bar

At 20226 Ballinger Way NE in the Shoreline area, you will find Alive Juice Bar. This spot is a juice bar and a smoothie destination. They offer a green margarita that comes with kale, collard greens, and other fruits. This is a family friendly spot that hands out samples so you can be sure that you're going to enjoy whatever it is that you order here. The healthy nutritional value of the food here will fill you with great energy, and that's what eating healthy is all about, so come see what the hype is about.

Sultan Gyro and Shawarma Grill

17505 Aurora Ave N in the Shoreline area is where you'll find Sultan Gyro and Shawarma Grill churning out selections of amazing Mediterranean food. This is small, unassuming spot when you pass by the outside, but don't let that stop you from coming in. The greek fries are topped with feta, tzatziki sauce and parsley, an addictive appetizer to start out with when you're eating here. The affordable pricing combined with the large portions brings the patrons coming back time and time again for more delicious Greek food.

One Cup Cafe

One Cup Cafe at 16743 Aurora Ave N is a cafe to check out when you find yourself in the Shoreline area of Washington. Whether it's a stop for people watching, catching some silence, or getting caught up on your work, this calm and comfortable neighborhood spot is a great one to consider. This is a destination that partners with a charitable organization to fund efforts in Africa. You can feel good about supporting local business here, and they even have a suspended coffee board where you can pay for somebody elses brew.

Taqueria El Sabor

At 15221 Aurora Ave N in the Shoreline area you will find Taqueria El Sabor, which is a Mexican destination for food and drink in Shoreline. Be sure to check out their carne asada tacos, rice and beans, chili Colorado burrito, enchiladas, as well as the mulitas and quesadillas. This is located inside of an old Taco Bell, and the food that's coming out of here now is a whole lot better than what was being churned out before. Be sure to give this restaurant a shot when you're feeling hungry in Shoreline.