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Normandy Park Bar Hopping

These bars and restaurants are our favorite in Normandy Park. We know that you might be feeling a bit hungry after doing some exploring in the area, and these are the perfect places to head to when you're feeling like you need some food or a drink. We know that you're going to have a pleasant experience when you decide to visit these spots, so keep them on your radar. If you need a ride there, you know we've got you!

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Cafe App

At 17851 1st Ave S in the Normandy Park area, you will find Cafe App. This is a Vietnamese cafe with a modern interior that is fresh and welcoming to all who walk through the doors. This isn't a bar setting, but you can order a beer along with your lunch or dinner. We recommend starting out with some of their fresh spring rolls. They have plenty to offer on their dinner menu, even the pickiest eater will be happy here. This is the perfect spot to head to when you want Vietnamese food without driving all the way to Seattle. They even have a loyalty card where you can enjoy a free sandwich after ordering six of them.

Can’t Stop Smackin

19901 1st Ave S in Normandy Park is the place that you will be able to visit the great Can’t Stop Smackin which is a Southern restaurant that specializes in providing cajun and creole style barbecue food to the locals. The owners name is Tommy, and he's always friendly to the patrons here. Whether you're coming for the baby back ribs, fried chicken, or one of their famous pulled pork sandwiches, whatever you order for yourself you are going to love their barbecue offerings. They are located within a strip mall complex, so be sure to keep that in mind when you happen to be looking. Try out the macaroni and cheese as a side if you really want to be impressed.

Normandy Park Ale House

Normandy Park Ale House at 19803 1st Ave S is our favorite spot to get new American style food in a pub atmosphere. You're sure to enjoy the fish and chips, steak salad, hamburgers, as well as the appetizer of fried pickles when you pick this as your place to eat out here during your limo bus trip. Plus, where else can you get food options such as crab cake sliders? The large portions and friendly service here make it a spot that you'll want to continually try out. The laid back atmosphere is the reason why so many locals like stopping in here for a meal as will you. You're sure to have a fantastic experience drinking here!

Rose Pho

At 19865 1st Ave S in the Normandy Park area you will find Rose Pho, a restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese food and delicious noodle dishes such as pho. This is located within a shopping center, don't overlook it because of that fact while you're searching for lunch and dinner options in the area. Some of the locals even eat here multiple times a week, so you know it's a good one. The rare steak pho is delicious, as the hot broth cooks the meat as you wait for it cool down. The owners here are friendly as ever, and that's why we think you're going to enjoy this every time you're looking for something a bit more exotic.