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Mercer Island Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Mercer Island area include the views of the water, closeness to the metropolitan area of Seattle, and the fantastic destinations for food and drink that are detailed below. This is a beautiful area that allows you to take in the natural scenery during any season! Regardless of why you find yourself in the area, you're going to want to check out these bars and restaurants below. They're the options that tourists and local flock to for the best in eats and drinks!

Trust Limo Bus Mercer Island for the best night out possible!

Phat 12 Island Broiler

At 2707 78th Ave SE in the Mercer Island area, you will find Phat 12 Island Broiler. This Asian Fusion restaurant also has American options for those who might have a discriminating palate. Where else can you find sushi as well as shrimp and grits on the same menu? This is why Phat 12 is such a popular spot for dining in the area. The chef is personable and able to make special accomodations. Be sure to try out their appetizer of garlic fries, as it's an addictive way to start off the meal here. The dessert might just be the best part of the meal with options like carrot cake cupcakes.

Franky & Dom’s

7420 SE 24th St in the Mercer Island area is where you'll find Franky & Dom’s which is a cafe that specializes in providing delicious variations of coffee and baked goods. They're a great spot for lunch too, especially considering their soft pretzel bites are one of the most popular ordered items here. The panini sandwiches are made on a hot press, and you have great options like proscuitto, goat cheese, and fig jam! With all there is to love here, it's certain to be one of your new favorite places to go to when you're feeling like you need a pick me up. Whether it's coffee or hot chocolate you want, they have it here!


Homegrown at 3016 78th Ave SE is a destination for a nice cafe atmosphere, breakfast, brunch, and sandwiches. Here, you're always going to be able to enjoy sustainable food and efficient service. The friendly staff and welcoming interior really makes you feel at home here! Plus, you can feel good knowing oyu're supporting a business that pays attention to sustainability. Be sure to try out their famous tomato bisque soup when you decide to eat out here. You're sure to taste the difference of the amazing food here. If you need help figuring out what to order, the staff is sure to help you with choosing something.


At 7650 SE 27th St in the Mercer Island area you will find a new American restaurant with a lot to offer! The menu here is creative, and it changes with the seasons, so you can always count on something new when you decide to eat here. Some of the favorite dishes include the vread pudding and their speciality salads. Regardless of what you order here, you're sure to enjoy the quality of food and ingredients. The patio is perfect for happy hour in the summer times, and they even serve handmade cheeses. The attentive staff ensures you have a quality experience from start to finish, so give it a chance when you're feeling hungry.