ELC Limos Designs • Limo Bus For Sale

ELC Limos Designs has a limo bus for sale that is sure to help your business rake in profits. Up for sale is a custom built 2013 Glaval Ford F-550 limo bus, and it’s ready for a party! This vehicle has the capacity to hold 26 passengers with luggage in a comfortable manner, so you’ll find that it’s great for all types of events in the city of Seattle. From the tasteful and ambient design on the interior, to the polished elegant exterior, your clients are sure to love this limo bus.

When you buy a limo bus from ELC Limos Designs, you can be guaranteed the following:

  • A one of a kind, custom limo bus
  • Modern designs throughout
  • Seating surfaces that are color coordinated and vinyl
  • Driver cockpit controls in the interior for an advantageous ride

As a business owner, you know that there are a ton of risks involved with investment of any kind, and that’s why we’re here to go over some of the pros and cons of buying either a new or used Seattle limo. There are obvious benefits and risks to both choices, so you’ll want to decide based on what’s best for you and your company! In fact, there are probably aspects you’ve yet to hear or think about, so listen up!

Consider this when buying a used limo bus:

Buying a used limo bus can indeed save you a ton of money up front, as they’re typically more inexpensive than a brand new limo bus. That’s because they’ve been used, and probably for a long time. You can be confident that they’ll work for your type of company as they did for someone else, but you want to be completely sure that the vehicle is in good working order before you decide to buy.Even a limo bus that sounds good and runs well for the time being may be a problem down the road, and it might have problems while it’s out with customers. Which is something that is extremely detrimental to your reputation as a company.Don’t lose out on business over a simple decision! Older vehicles have a bigger tendency to break down, and you might find yourself spending your profit margin in repairs. However, if you look at the bus inside and out and get a complete inspection done while you’re looking at it, you can come out on top of the game when it comes to used limo buses!

Consider the following when looking to buy a new limo bus:

After hearing about the potential damages to your company that a used limo bus might make, you’re probably wondering about new limo buses. A new limo bus is obviously a more expensive option than a used party bus, but you could potentially make the difference back in profits! Not to mention, a new limo bus is much less likely to break down or have problems, although they can happen. You already know that insurance is expensive, but it’s even more costly for a new limo bus, and that’s not factoring in the chance of an accident!

Accidents are costly with new limo buses, as repairs are more expensive as cars get newer, and your insurance could skyrocket. Even worse, your insurance company could decide to exclude you from their services because you’re too much of a risk. However, a new limo bus is bound to bring you more customers and clientele through good word of mouth, so it’s up to you if it’s worth the risk!

The price for this limo bus is $129,000.

That’s not all! There are even more features on this limo bus:

  • Custom-Lit Ceilings
  • Glowing Dance Floors
  • Accented Interior Walls
  • Laser Light Show
  • Top of the line sound system with the following:
  • CD capable radio
  • Three intense subwoofers
  • Six 6.5" speakers with tweeters
  • Custom boxes for the speakers and amplifiers

As well as drink features such as...

  • Buckets for refreshments
  • Champagne and rock glass holders
  • Custom built bar areas with cooler space

You'll also find the Flat screen televisions with DVD/Blue Ray capabilities and removable dance poles round out the features in our amazing limo bus for sale!