Limo Bus Kent Bars

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Kent Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Kent area are some of the bars and restaurants that happen to be listed below. Kent is an awesome place to visit if you ever find yourself in Washington. Some of the local events include the Canterbury Faire, Kent Cornucopia Days, Kent Farmers Market, as well as the Saturday Market where many of the local residents get their produce. When you're driving through the area or visiting, be sure to check out these fantastic restaurants and bars.

Trust Limo Bus Kent for the best night out possible!

The AC Tavern

At 209 E Meeker St in the Kent area, you will find The AC Tavern. This is a pub that specializes in delicious hot dog options for you. The interior is lined with televisions which makes it perfect for a night out with friends. They even have veggie dogs here if you happen to have somebody in the group who isnt a meat eater. They have all different special varieties for you to try out, as well. Be sure to try all of the specialty dogs through out your visits here, you'll definitely feel like you've accomplished something when you've tried each and every last one of them. You'll never have a bad meal here.

Airways Brewing Beer & Bistro

320 W Harrison in Kent is the location of Airways Brewing Beer & Bistro, a fantastic brewery that focuses on food options like pizza and sandwiches. They're expanding to include patio seating, indoor space, as well as a larger kitchen and food selection. Here, you'll always have positive experiences! That's because the staff is highly trained to ensure you're comfortable and that your needs are taken care of. When it comes to the food, be sure to try out the chicken, bacon, and artichoke flatbread with alfredo sauce. The Skyhag IPA has a friendly bitterness that you're sure to enjoy with a bite to eat.

Asadero Sinaloa

Asadero Sinaloa at 24602 36th Ave S is a Mexican restaurant with a steakhouse atmosphere. Some of the popular choices for food and drink here include the papa loca, horchata de coco, taco toreado, tacos de harina, vampiro culichi, nopal asado, and the pan de elite. They have a variety of different salsas for you to choose from, and the freshness will definitely give you something to look forward to the next time you come here to eat. This restaurant artfully presents their dishes. Served up on a contemporary wooden block, you'll feel as though you're at a modern eatery once you sit here and order up some amazing food with your limo bus crew.

Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe and Restaurant

At 202 1st Ave S in the Kent area you will find a bakery and cafe with some of the very best options for breakfast and brunch in Kent. There's a dog friendly outdoor patio here, just in case you are out with your furry best friend in the area and want a quick bite. There are a lot of vegetarian options for you to consider here such as the Wild Wheat Vegetarian with the daily soup. It has peso, tomato, and thick mozzarella on kalamata olive bread. The delicious desserts available here are sinful! The attention to detail at this cafe and restaurant is outstanding which will keep you returning in the future.