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Granite Falls Highlights

In exploring this region we've found some of our top highlights to be within the gorgeous Granite Falls area. These happen to include some of our favorite bars and restaurants of all time! For your reading pleasure, we've taken the time to provide you some information about our personal highlights. If you happen to be travelling through the area or looking for a new place to enjoy a drink or some food, you're definitely in the right spot for some helpful information. All of the annual events here make for an enjoyable getaway no matter who you might be. Be sure to give this places a shot when you're looking for a new place to eat or drink at.

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Mark’s Country Store

At 108 W Stanley St in the Granite Falls area, you will find Mark’s Country Store. We enjoy eating her ebecause of the home town atmosphere. They specialize in providing all of the simple classics like sandwiches, coney dogs, french fries, ice cream and frozen yogurt. The fact that it's connected to a convenience store makes it a welcome stop if you're going out for a hike in the area. You'll get a good amount of ice cream for the price you pay, so it's good to note that this spot is affordable.

Barbeque Bucket

402 E Stanley St in the Granite Falls area is where you'll find Barbeque Bucket. Barbeque Bucket is a comforting food destination for those who like a smoky treat. They have three sauces that are out of this world like sweet and mild, smoky chipotle, and rhubarb habanero. They also have a great selection of IPA beers to wash down your brisket, beans, cornbread, ribs, and burnt ends. It is all smiles from the second you step into the place here, and that's why we recommend this spot for families looking for a bite to eat.

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita at 206 E Stanley St is where you will find the greatest Mexican establishment you will find in Granite Falls, Washington, especially if you're a fan of amazing al pastor tacos! The wait staff here is known for adding fun and entertainment to your eating experience with their outgoing personalities. Be sure to consider the pork shanks and seafood burrito if you're looking to be impressed with their creative food choices and flavor profile. Try out a margarita if you're coming here with friends to catch up.

Omega Pizza & Pasta

At 102 S Granite Ave in the Granite Falls area you will find Omega Pizza & Pasta, an Italian restaurant with some serious authentic pizza choices to check out! Whether it's dining in, take out, or delivery, efficiency is notable when you're eating here. They have home made Greek options to choose from as well! The baked meatball appetizer is one of the best ways to start out the meal here, and make sure you order up their creamy feta dressing on top of one of the house salads, you'll definitely enjoy it if you do try it.