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Fall City Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Fall City area happen to be bars and restaurants with a lot to offer. There's a lot of history in this specific part of the Washington area, and it makes for a great spot to visit if you happen to be in the area with family and friends. We know you'll probably be working up an apetite, so be sure to check out all of our favorite places to eat and drink as detailed below. You'll definitely have an enjoyable experience when you're eating here!

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Last Frontier Saloon

At 33813 SE Redmond Fall City Rd in the Fall City area, you will find Last Frontier Saloon. This traditional American pub has a great atmosphere that is welcoming to all who walk through the doors. If you're a fan of checking out memorabilia, you're definitely going to enjoy eating here. Every surface is covered with something for you to look at here! On Wednesday, you'll get to enjoy delicious tacos for a dollar, as well as cold beer to wash it all down with. There's a reason why this is the spot that locals flock to when they're looking for an affordable meal.

The Raging River Café and Club

33723 SE Redmond Fall City Rd in the Fall City area is where you'll find The Raging River Café and Club which is a destination for prime rib sandwiches, nachos, onion rings, and some of the best breakfast options in the area. It doesn't matter what your taste is, there are options from every cuisine to enjoy here! They even offer karaoke options on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so head on out if you're feeling like being entertained. We love that you're able to enjoy the natural beauty of the river while you enjoy your breakfast and lunch. There's a great children's menu too, so bring the whole family!

Fall City Bistro

Fall City Bistro at 4050 Fall City Carnation Rd is a new American restaurant with a lot to offer! Where else are you served truffle oil popcorn with parmesan as you're waiting for food and drink? The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, so you can count on a comfortable experience from start to finish. Trying out the Chicken Nachatta and Lobster Gnocchi will prove to be two great choices, as whoever eats them tends to rant and rave. Even if you're not a foodie, you'll find an enjoyable experience to be had here. They have different choices for meats that you've probably never had before, such as kangaroo!

Mercurys Coffee Co

At 33378 SE Redmond Fall City Rd in the Fall City area you will find a charming coffee shop with a lot to offer when it comes to caffienated choices for your morning or afternoon pick me up. If you're on a road trip and travelling through the area, this is definitely a must stop on the list. There are a ton of organic options to choose from so you can feel good about your impact on the environment and your own health. The accomodating staff is happy to help you come to a choice if you're having a hard time choosing. They have a drive through too, so this spot tops the list when it comes to convenience.