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Enumclaw Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Enumclaw area have a lot to offer those who happen to be looking for interesting eateries. Rich with history and natural resources, this city is definitely a sight to see. If you find yourself travelling through the area or visiting family and friends, you'll want to check out the following spots for food and drink. These bars and restaurants will definitely give you a reason to return to the Enumclaw area if you didn't have reason before!

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Sweet Necessities

At 1215 Griffin Ave in the Enumclaw area, you will find Sweet Necessities. This is a restaurant that specializes in all things sweet! From the coffee and tea selection to the ice cream and frozen yogurt, there's a lot to enjoy here. There are excellent tea options if you're not big on caffiene, and the home made fudge is unlike anything you've had before. Don't leave without trying one of their espresso chip brownies, they really go above and beyond when it comes to the quality of their baked goods here. Where else can you find hand made candy nowadays?

Kelly’s Mercantile

1444 Cole St in the Enumclaw area is where you'll find Kelly’s Mercantile which is one of our favorite spots to eat and drink at in Enumclaw. This wine bar has an extensive menu for you to choose from including favorites like the French Dip, Steak Sandwich, Coconut Thai Chowder, and the Reuben sandwich that will go above and beyond your expectations. The servers here are always friendly and helpful if you've never been here before. Regardless on what type of wine you enjoy, you'll be able to find a glass here that appeals to you and your taste buds. Be sure to ask them if they're running any specials today!

Rainier Bar & Grill

Rainier Bar & Grill at 1623 Cole St in the Enumclaw area is a fantastic destination for the traditional American bar experience with a bit of a gastropub feel when it comes to the innovative menu. They always have a special dinner planned for Friday, usually in the form of prime rib which is consistently enjoyable. We highly recommend the Kobe burger with bacon and blue cheese. Plus, the clam chowder is something that locals talk about, so you know it's a worthwhile choice for food when you decide to eat here with family and friends. Ask them if they're running any specials on their food today!

Pita’s Taqueria

At 1547 McHugh Av in the Enumclaw area is a spot you're definitely going to want to check out when you're in the Enumclaw area. This is a street vendor serving some of the most memorable food options in the area. The corn tortillas are made fresh in house, so you can count on authenticity from start to finish when you decide to eat here. The burritos are probably going to be larger than your arm, so be sure to come here with an unmatched apetite. In the end, you'll be left with a new favorite restaurant to check out the next time you have a hankering for Mexican food in the Enumclaw area.