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Des Moines Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Des Moines area are listed below for your convenience. We love visiting this area not only for the amazing views and fishing opportunities, but also for the amazing bars and restaurants that you can check out. We know for a fact that you'll enjoy your experience at the following bars and grills because they're the top spots that the locals head to when they're looking for a bite to eat. If you need a ride, be sure to let us know.

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Wally’s Chowder House & Broiler

At 22531 Marine View Dr S in the Des Moines area, you will find Wally’s Chowder House & Broiler which is a local seafood spot with amazing views of nature. The fish and chips here are flaky, freshly fried and consistently delicious. The clam chowder is what they're known for here, and you'll see why that is with the first bite. There are different kinds of fish to choose from, along with a host of different desserts such as coconut cream pie, blueberry cheesecake, and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The employees really make this a spot to enjoy, so try it out when you're in the area.

Via Marina Wood Fired Pizza & Italian Cafe

22636 Marine View Dr S in the Des Moines area is where you'll find Via Marina, a restaurant that specializes in Italian food. The wood fired pizza here is out of this world. You can't go wrong with any of their dishes here, especially the chicken marsala and marina pizza. The pesto spaghetti is freshly made each and every time, and it offers a fresh perspective into Italian cuisine. If you're really looking for the true Italian experience, you'll have to try their amazing Caprese salad which is a freshly plated concotion of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. You'll love it here.

The Scotch and Vine

The Scotch and Vine at 22341 Marine View Dr S in the Des Moines area is a new American destination with a wine bar atmophere, and the food selection of steak house. When happy hour rolls around, you'll definitely want to check out the basil lemon drop drinks. The welcoming staff and atmosphere will make you feel at home, and the amazing food will definitely make you a believer. We love the different pin up art that's around the walls! The pour in their cocktails is always on point. Be sure to consider this spot for your next big celebration such as an anniversary or a birthday of somebody important.

Auntie Irene’s Coffee Shop

At 22504 Marine View Dr S in the Des Moines area is the place to head to when your sweet tooth needs some satisfying! The coffee and tea selection here is one that must be seen! Plus, with all of the different sandwich and soup options, you'll be completely set once lunch time rolls around. We know you're going to love the moose track and birthday cake flavors for ice cream, and their skinny latte selections are out of this world. They've even added a drive through, so you can enjoy all of your favorites on the go. Plus, how can you go wrong with being able to get ice cream at 6 in the morning?