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Darrington Highlights

Some of Limo Bus Seattle's top highlights in the Darrington district of destinations where friends and family gather to laugh, drink, eat, and be merry. We're talking about the drinking and dining establishments, of course! This small town has a lot to offer when it comes to bars, restaurants, grills, and cafes to enjoy some food. When you get tired from adventuring around in our bus and your ready to set your sights on this. Give these locally owned establishments a shot and enjoy the experience.

Trust Limo Bus Darrington for the best night out possible!

Whitehorse Market and 4-Corners Cafe

At 1080 Seeman St in the Darrington area, you will find Whitehorse Market and 4-Corners Cafe. This is a traditional American restaurant that specializes in breakfast, brunch, and amazing sandwiches for lunch and dinner. They're known for their amazing root beer floats, but you also can't go worng with their crepes and hot turkey sandwiches. If you're passing through town and finding that your stomach is grumbling, you're definitely going to want to stop here for a quick and efficient meal.

Mountain Loop Books and Coffee

1085 Darrington Street, Darrington, WA is the home of Mountain Loop Books and Coffee. This is a creative spot, as it's partially a book store and coffee shop. The view of the mountains from this establishment is sure to make you want to get a cup of joe here each and every morning. Even the coffee snobs come here to get their drinks, so you know you can count on this spot for a fantastic drink. The food here is made fresh each and every day, and you can really tell by the quality of the end result, come check it out.

Burger Barn

Burger Barn at 1020 Emens Ave N is a diner to check out when you find yourself in the Darrington area of Washington. Burger Barn specializes in providing fantastic, simple food to those in the area. From their fish burgers to the generous french fry portions, perfect place to visit for your next lunch, that's for certain. The convenient location only adds to the popularity of this local eatery. The customer service is going to make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the doors here.

Hawks Nest Bar & Grill

At 1215 State Rt 530 NE in the Darrington area you will find Hawks Nest Bar & Grill, an amazing sports bar with traditional American selections for food and drink. The small menu ensures that everything on it is done right! From breakfast, lunch, to dinner, there's a little something for everybody to enjoy here. Many parties come here to eat because they know that they're going to enjoy the best possible service each and every time. Ask your waitress about the drink specials for extra affordability.