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Burien Highlights

When Limo Bus Seattle customers come to the Burien area with us, we know where to point them for delicious food and drinks. For starters, Tin Room Bar gets a lot of recommendations from us because of their gorgeous rustic atmosphere and the wonderful food and drinks. 909 Coffee and Wine is clearly a great choice for those who want to enjoy a nice cup of espresso or perhaps a glass of wine. Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar is a very spacious place to dine and drink, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and spending more time with your good friends. Finally, The Greek House is one of the greatest, even including a full bar! More information below.

Trust Limo Bus Burien for the best night out possible!

Tin Room Bar

First up, let's talk about Tin Room Bar. This one is found at 923 Southwest 152nd Street right here in Burien, and it's an absolute Limo Bus Seattle must-visit. We love the rustic vibe with the antique signage and the old wood with its imperfections. They have a nice bar here and just an overall really cool vibe that is unparalleled by any other local joints. The whiskey sours are just amazing here and we even love the simple screwdrivers and lemon drops since they are made with fresh-squeezed juices! Open til midnight most nights, til 1 on Fri-Sat, and on Sundays just til 10. Try the chicken burrito with rice and black beans! Absolutely delish!

909 Coffee and Wine

909 Coffee and Wine is appropriately located at 909 Southwest 152nd Street, and it actually extends to the 913 address which is where the bar portion of the establishment is located. They've really got some of the very best food and drinks here, including chicken crepes that you just won't believe. The kobe beef burgers are absolutely amazing, just packed with flavor that is so heavenly. As for coffee, they use Cafe Umbria brand, and it doesn't get any better than that. Espresso lovers will know what we're talking about! They are open until 10 most nights and until midnight on Fri-Sat, but closed all day on Sundays. Don't miss the 909 meatloaf! Delish!

Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar

At 717 Southwest 148th Street in Burien you'll find Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar, one of the most spacious and comfortable bars and restaurants in the Limo Bus Seattle service area. It's ideal for our customers since they generally are in larger groups and really need that space. It's nice and dim here with wooden tables and wood accents, just really evoking the right type of vibe that you are after. As far as the food goes, the blue bacon cheeseburger is absolutely irresistible and we're hooked on the rosemary brown butter popcorn! The pulled pork sandwiches are excellent too. There's a happy hour menu that you will definitely want to check out too!

The Greek House

At 113 Southwest 153rd Street in Burien you will find The Greek House, one of the nicest Greek restaurants that you could ever visit in this area and beyond! There's a full bar too and the bartenders here really know how to mix a delicious cocktail for you. In terms of the food, we are hooked on the gyros, and they've got a gyro pizza that will absolutely knock your socks off even though it is so simple. They've even got a lot of gluten-free and vegetarian options here for those in your group who need it or who just prefer it. Don't judge this strip mall location by its cover... it's a real gem inside! Open from 11-11 every day except Sunday when they're closed.