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Baring Highlights

If you're planning to go to Baring with Limo Bus Seattle, you'll probably want to visit Prospector's Steak & Ale for some of the most delicious steaks and beers that you have ever tasted, Finaghty's Irish Pub that features a TV at every single booth, Woodman Lodge with its old fashioned wooden bar and water trough, and 12 Moons Asian Bistro for its incredible old fashioned decor and historic vibe. These are truly four of the very best in the Baring area and they make perfect Limo Bus Seattle destinations for our customers. If you like what you read on this page, just give us a call or send us an email and let us know which ones to add to your list of must-visits!

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Prospector's Steak & Ale

At 201 Croft Avenue, you will find the one and only bar and restaurant that is Prospector's Steak & Ale. If a roadhouse slash steakhouse slash bar and grill vibe is something that you love, this place will really please you. They serve up big plates full of yummy burgers and fries, delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and of course nice ice cold beers. Though it's a great divey style place, they do accept credit cards, and they have awesome happy hour prices that will cut your bill down even further. This is a major hangout for the locals, and that's the number one clue to true quality. Definitely a place you can rely on when with Limo Bus Seattle.

Finaghty's Irish Pub

7726 Center Boulevard Southeast is another favorite of the locals in the Baring area, and that's certainly true of Limo Bus Seattle customers who travel with us in this area too. This is the place that's known for having a TV at every booth, meaning that it's absolutely ideal when you want to watch some sports. They have a really large menu so there's something for everybody, but we are especially big fans of the chicken and the fries. The macaroni and cheese is also really good. We love coming in when there are live bands to enjoy, and any day of the week is great just because it's so clean and friendly and comfortable! Open til 2 most nights, 12 on Sundays!

Woodman Lodge

A really unique place to visit in the Baring area is Woodman Lodge, at 38601 Southeast King Street. Limo Bus Seattle customers love visiting this upscale steakhouse and lounge, and they don't mind paying premium prices to do so because they know that they always get what they pay for here. They have a full wooden bar here with water trough, and that's one of the things that people remember best about this place. When it comes to the food, we'd most recommend the prime rib, the prime dip, the artichoke dip, and the rosemary fries. The grilled wedge salad is also a very nice choice. This one closes up a little early, at 10 every night.

12 Moons Asian Bistro

12 Moons Asian Bistro is really a beautiful place to dine on your favorite Asian fusion dishes in the Baring area when you're with Limo Bus Seattle. You can enjoy the mountain view through the windows, the tall ceilings that add an airy vibe, and of course all the beautiful decor that they've clearly put a lot of time and money into. Even the menus are made of bamboo, which we think is such a cool touch. The shrimp pad thai is one of our favorite dishes to partake in here. We also love their Hong Kong fried rice! The sushi bar is filled with fresh sashimi for all of the options you could ever want. Even Korean bulgogi can be had here! So good. Recommended!