All About Our Fleet of Buses

16-20 Passenger Party Bus
Our 16-20 passenger bus is brand new and custom built by Tiffany Coach Builders. The vehicle has one of the nicest exteriors you can imagine with custom graphics and a custom body kit and one piece exterior window.

Features include:
-Clean interior
-Custom leather perimeter seating
-Fiber optic, laser, and strobe lighting

More features:
-Custom bar with glassware and ice bin
-Flat screen TV
-Sound system with MP3 player hookup
-Privacy shades
18-22 Passenger Party Bus
Our 18-22 passenger bus is a brand new Federal VIP Limousine Bus. The vehicle features a sleek black exterior with tinted windows and classy interior blinds.

Features include:
-Flat Screen TV
-Custom hard wood flooring
-Elegant dark red/black leather seating
-Tastefully appointed interior lighting

More features:
-Custom bar with glassware and ice bin
-Contoured grab handle on ceiling
-Sound system with MP3 player hookup
-Classy carpeted interior decor
26-30 Passenger Party Bus
Our 26-30 passenger coach was built by westwind and is the ultimate land yacht. This vehicle has a custom black exterior and has all of the features you could want on a party bus on a chevy chassis.
Features include:
-Tinted windows through out the bus
-Hardwood flooring
-Color changing LED lighting
-47" and 27" flat screen TVs
More features:
-Custom stainless ceiling with LED accent
-Leather custom perimeter seats
-Loud sound system
-Grab handle on ceiling
30-34 Passenger Party Bus
This is our brand new Ford F550 party bus that holds a maximum of 34 passengers. It was a limousine bus built by Westwind and has a great looking white exterior. This is very popular for weddings.
Features include:
-Custom black and silver leather seating
-Cherry wood flooring
-Custom color changing ceiling and floor lighting
-Large flat screen TV
More features:
-Sound system with CD player and AM/FM
-Racks from crystal and rock glasses
-Passenger control panel
-Window privacy shades
32-36 Passenger Party Bus
This black party/limo bus can hold a maximum of 36 passengers. It is the largest bus in our fleet and is fully customized. This is our most popular vehicle so give us a call today to book it before someone else does.
Features include:
-Nice wood floors
-Ceiling grab handles
-Flat screen TVs
-Loud sound system with CD player
More features:
-Bar with glassware and ice provided
-Color changing lighting
-Shades over all windows for privacy
-Custom black leather perimeter seating


As any one of our past customers will be happy to tell you, our limo buses are the best in the Seattle area. Many will tell you that, but we'll prove it right here on this page by listing all their impressive features, and if you're still not convinced, then during the booking process we'd welcome you to come right down and inspect them in person! In fact, we recommend it.

It's great to get a look at our entire fleet and choose the bus that you like the best, and that's best for your needs. If you're in too much of a rush for that, we'll be able to choose the right bus for you over the phone. Take a look at a few of our most exciting features below.

We put your entertainment first. One of the reasons that our customers love us so much is that we are always adding features with their entertainment in mind. Our flatscreen televisions are one of the most beloved features on our buses, and since they are hooked up to a premium HD antenna, when the bus is stopped you'll be able to pull in live broadcasts from network TV. When you're rolling down the freeway you're not limited to static though! You can bring a stack of your favorite DVDs and watch them while you cruise. Be sure to bring your favorite CDs or your iPod too, so you can take advantage of our superior sound system and JL Audio speakers!

Your comfort is always a priority. Comfort during a party bus trip is of the utmost importance, and that's what we have in mind when we're upgrading our buses. The seating on our buses is always premium leather, no sticky vinyl here! It wraps around the walls of the bus for ease in conversation. The wood flooring is perfect for those who want to get up and dance, and some of our buses even come equipped with dance poles! Perfect for those bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Beverages and beautiful ambiance are a bonus. When you travel on your own, you can't drink, but when you travel with us, you can bring all your favorite beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and play bartender right there on the road! We provide the ice and cups, so you can just focus on being the master mixologist that you are. The gorgeous fiber-optic lighting provides the perfect cool ambiance, and we think you'll love the diamond plate mirror panel too which reflects more light as well. The dark tinted windows are perfect for keeping out prying eyes on the freeway! You've never partied in an atmosphere quite like this before!

Since each of our buses has its own array of special features, we recommend giving us a call at the number at the top of this page to discuss your needs. Daytime sightseeing trips differ wildly in their needs from nighttime bachelorette parties, for example! We're experts in our field and will be able to choose the bus that's just perfect for you, or you can come out and take a look at them yourself. Would you like to take a look our pricing information? Simply click the link below.

We are the leading provider for party buses in Seattle but if you need us to refer you to some of our competitors we recommend Sacramento Limos, Tucson Party Bus, and St Petersburg Party Bus.

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